Weird websites before 2000

Dive into the fascinating world of weird websites before 2000. Explore the eccentric, bizarre, and downright strange corners of the early internet.


The internet, as we know it today, is a vast, interconnected web of information, entertainment, and communication. But back in the day, before the advent of social media, online shopping, and streaming services, the internet was a much different place. It was a wild west of creativity, where anyone with a bit of coding knowledge could create a website about anything they fancied. This led to the birth of some truly weird websites before 2000.

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The Dawn of Weird Websites

In the early days of the internet, creating a website was no small feat. It required a solid understanding of HTML, a dash of creativity, and a healthy dose of eccentricity. This combination led to the creation of some of the weirdest websites you could ever imagine.

The Hall of Weird: Weird Websites Before 2000

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and revisit some of the most peculiar websites that graced our CRT monitors in the 90s. Let’s get started with our list of weird websites before 2000. The Unattainable Promise

First on our list of weird websites before 2000: was a website that promised much but delivered little. Its hypnotic voiceover and endless loading screen kept visitors in suspense, waiting for something that never came.

The Hampster Dance: An Early Meme

Before memes were a thing, there was the Hampster Dance. This website featured rows of animated dancing hamsters, accompanied by a catchy tune that would stick in your head for days. Hampster Dance is second on our list of weird websites before 2000.

Time Cube: A Dive into Madness

The third on our list of weird websites before 2000 is Time Cube was a website that presented a bizarre and incomprehensible theory about time and space. Its creator, Gene Ray, claimed to have discovered a new model of time, which he called ‘Time Cube’. The website was a labyrinth of rambling, nonsensical text that left visitors scratching their heads in confusion.

The Impact of Weird Websites on Internet Culture

These weird websites before 2000 played a significant role in shaping internet culture. They demonstrated the limitless potential of the internet as a platform for self-expression and creativity.

The Legacy of Weird Websites

While many of these websites have since disappeared into the digital ether, their legacy lives on. They serve as a reminder of the internet’s early days, when it was a playground for the weird and wonderful.


What made websites weird before 2000?

Websites were considered weird due to their unique content, unusual design, or eccentric creators. They often defied conventional norms and expectations, offering a unique and sometimes baffling user experience.

Why were there so many weird websites before 2000?

The early internet was a new frontier, with few rules or guidelines. This allowed for a great deal of creativity and experimentation, leading to the creation of many weird and wonderful websites.

Are any of these weird websites still active?

Yes, some of these websites are still active and can be visited today. However, many have not been updated since the early 2000s and serve as a sort of time capsule of the early internet.

What was the purpose of these weird websites?

Many of these websites were created simply for the fun of it. Others were personal projects or experiments in web design. Some were created to promote a particular idea or theory, no matter how outlandish.

How did these weird websites influence modern internet culture?

These websites laid the groundwork for many aspects of modern internet culture, including memes, viral content, and the idea of the internet as a platform for self-expression and creativity.

What can we learn from these weird websites?

These websites remind us of the limitless potential of the internet as a platform for creativity and self-expression. They also serve as a reminder of the importance of preserving digital history.


The weird websites before 2000 were a testament to the creativity, eccentricity, and limitless potential of the early internet. They served as a playground for the weird and wonderful, a space where anything was possible. While the internet has evolved significantly since then, the legacy of these websites lives on, reminding us of a time when the internet was a wild west of creativity and self-expression.

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