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Welcome to the world of creativity and storytelling! In this article, we present a treasure trove of 100 Original Character OC prompts to ignite your imagination and breathe life into your fictional creations. Whether you’re a writer, artist, or simply someone looking for a fresh burst of inspiration, these prompts are designed to spark your creativity and help you develop unique, compelling characters with captivating stories to tell. From extraordinary powers to enigmatic backgrounds, each prompt offers a springboard into uncharted narrative territories. So, grab your pen, brush, or keyboard, and let these OC prompts take you on a thrilling journey of imagination and storytelling prowess!


Creativity is the lifeblood of writing. It’s the magic ingredient that helps us conjure up fascinating and unique ideas. If you’re grappling with a creative block or simply want to get your creative juices flowing, OC prompts (original character ideas) can be your savior. In this article, we’ll delve into 105 intriguing character ideas that will ignite your imagination and aid you in crafting captivating new stories and diverse types of original characters. So, grab your pen and paper, and let’s embark on this character design journey!

The Magic of OC Prompts

OC prompts are like a treasure trove of inspiration. They can range from a character who is a master of disguise, a genius scientist, a character who can control the elements, to a character who can transform into any animal. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination. These prompts can help you create characters who are witches, werewolves, vampires, elves, mermaids, genies, angels, demons, and even professional clowns.

The Art of Character Creation

Creating a compelling OC is an art. A compelling OC is well-rounded, relatable, proactive, has a strong sense of identity, and is always evolving. They should have complex personalities with layers of personal information that the reader can peel back to reveal more about them.

When devising an intriguing original character, it’s crucial to come up with an interesting and unique backstory. Your character should be someone that readers will want to know more about. They should be unique and interesting, with a backstory worth exploring.

The Journey of Self-Discovery

How your OC sees themselves is a key part of fleshing out their personality. By thinking about the adjectives that best describe them, you can start to understand their personality. And once you know that, you can begin to weave that into their backstory, motivations, and interactions with other characters.

The Uniqueness of Character Traits

Characteristics are what makes up a person. They can be physical, such as hair color or height, or personality traits, such as being shy or outgoing. When creating a character, it’s important to consider what makes them unique and interesting. You’ll want to give your character some defining characteristics that will help them stand out from the crowd.

The Difference Between OC and MC

OC stands for “original character,” while MC stands for “main character.” Generally, OCs are used in fanfiction when someone takes an existing story and creates their version of it using different characters. MCs are generally used in original fiction when someone creates their own story from scratch. Both serve the same purpose: to help flesh out a story and make it more interesting and complex.

100 OC Prompts To Fuel Your Imagination And Creativity

OC Prompts Part 1

  1. A gifted archaeologist unearths an ancient artifact that grants them the power to control time.
  2. A prodigious engineer invents a device that can manipulate gravity, revolutionizing transportation.
  3. An empathetic healer discovers they can absorb and heal others’ physical and emotional pain.
  4. A professional gambler gains the ability to predict future events, leading them to high-stakes adventures.
  5. A fearless adrenaline junkie gains the power of enhanced reflexes and agility.
  6. A linguistics expert encounters a mysterious book written in an ancient, long-lost language.
  7. A chef with a magical spice rack that can alter emotions through taste.
  8. A marine biologist encounters a mermaid and forms a unique bond with underwater creatures.
  9. A troubled artist discovers their paintings can bring characters from their imagination to life.
  10. A geologist stumbles upon a hidden cave that leads to a parallel dimension.
  11. A computer programmer creates an AI companion that becomes sentient and protective.
  12. A mythologist uncovers the existence of a hidden pantheon of gods in modern society.
  13. A survivalist with an uncanny ability to communicate with animals and form alliances.
  14. A skilled architect creates a building with mysterious, supernatural properties.
  15. An astrophysicist encounters a cosmic anomaly that grants them the power of telekinesis.
  16. A mathematics prodigy cracks a code that reveals the existence of parallel universes.
  17. A botanist cultivates a garden with plants that possess magical properties.
  18. A daredevil circus performer gains the power to manipulate fire and light.
  19. A reclusive writer discovers their stories can alter reality in unexpected ways.
  20. An astronaut returns from a space mission with mysterious energy-controlling abilities.

OC Prompts Part 2

  1. A geographer stumbles upon an ancient map that leads to lost civilizations.
  2. A marine salvage diver uncovers a sunken city with advanced technology.
  3. A cryptographer decodes an ancient scroll revealing hidden knowledge and secrets.
  4. A wildlife photographer can temporarily transform into any animal they photograph.
  5. A sound engineer creates music that has the power to heal or harm those who listen.
  6. A detective with the ability to reconstruct past events by touching crime scenes.
  7. A paranormal investigator uncovers a ghostly dimension hidden from human perception.
  8. An investigative journalist stumbles upon a conspiracy involving supernatural beings.
  9. A geologist finds a crystal that can manipulate the elements and cause natural disasters.
  10. An art restorer discovers a painting that serves as a portal to other dimensions.
  11. A cartographer maps out a realm with floating islands and gravity-defying landscapes.
  12. A photographer captures images that reveal the emotions and memories of their subjects.
  13. A paleontologist discovers a hidden valley filled with living dinosaurs.
  14. A zookeeper bonds with mythical creatures and becomes their guardian.
  15. A hacker gains access to an encrypted network revealing hidden knowledge.
  16. An antique collector acquires an object that grants the power of telepathy.
  17. A parapsychologist unlocks the potential of psychic abilities within themselves.
  18. A roller coaster engineer designs a ride that transports people to alternate realities.
  19. A street magician learns real magic tricks that defy the laws of physics.
  20. A climatologist uncovers a weather-controlling device hidden by an ancient civilization.

OC Prompts Part 3

  1. A folklore scholar unearths a book of spells with transformative powers.
  2. A stunt performer survives an accident and gains the power of enhanced endurance.
  3. A paleobotanist discovers prehistoric plants with healing properties.
  4. A glaciologist stumbles upon a hidden ice palace ruled by a snow queen.
  5. A jewelry designer crafts gemstones that grant elemental powers to their wearers.
  6. An architect designs a skyscraper with a mystical observatory at its pinnacle.
  7. A ventriloquist realizes their puppet has a mind of its own and can communicate telepathically.
  8. A stage magician discovers real magic tricks and becomes a master illusionist.
  9. A flight engineer modifies a plane with advanced technology for interdimensional travel.
  10. An antiques appraiser uncovers an artifact that grants them the ability to see the past.
  11. An introverted bookworm with the power to control plants.
  12. A tech-savvy hacker who discovers they can manipulate electricity.
  13. A time-traveling detective from the Victorian era.
  14. A fearless warrior with the ability to communicate with animals.
  15. A quirky inventor who creates fantastical gadgets and gizmos.
  16. A gifted artist who brings their drawings to life.
  17. A shy empath who can feel and manipulate others’ emotions.
  18. A musical prodigy with the power to heal through their music.
  19. A reclusive astronomer who stumbles upon a hidden realm in the stars.
  20. A former thief turned vigilante seeking redemption.

OC Prompts Part 4

  1. A chef with a magical cookbook that conjures enchanted dishes.
  2. An amnesiac wanderer with mysterious tattoos that grant special abilities.
  3. A fortune-teller cursed with the ability to see tragic futures.
  4. A daring pilot with a bond to a sentient and wise-cracking spaceship.
  5. A child prodigy inventor who constructs a flying machine.
  6. A street artist who can bring street art to life.
  7. A ghost hunter with a unique talent for communicating with spirits.
  8. A master illusionist with the power to bend reality through their tricks.
  9. A psychic detective solving crimes using their clairvoyant abilities.
  10. A reluctant hero with the power to control shadows.
  11. A cryptid biologist studying mythical creatures hidden from the world.
  12. A disgraced knight seeking redemption through an epic quest.
  13. A fortune hunter cursed to only find cursed treasures.
  14. A bard whose music can manipulate the emotions of others.
  15. A scientist with a time-traveling device gone haywire.
  16. An archaeologist uncovering ancient artifacts with magical properties.
  17. A street-smart thief who discovers they are the chosen one of a prophecy.
  18. A librarian with access to a magical library filled with forgotten knowledge.
  19. A weather witch with the power to control storms.
  20. A detective with the ability to perceive past events by touching objects.

OC Prompts Part 5

  1. A forest guardian who can transform into different woodland creatures.
  2. A potion brewer experimenting with concoctions that have unexpected results.
  3. A starry-eyed astronomer seeking to chart unexplored galaxies.
  4. A wandering minstrel with a magical lute that enchants listeners.
  5. A traveling trader with enchanted goods from distant lands.
  6. An oceanographer discovering an underwater civilization.
  7. A treasure hunter chasing after legendary artifacts.
  8. A dreamweaver with the power to manipulate dreams.
  9. A master of disguise who can morph into anyone they touch.
  10. A botanist who cultivates rare and magical plants.
  11. A young inventor creating automatons with a mind of their own.
  12. A healer with the ability to transfer injuries to themselves.
  13. A young witch with a talking familiar guiding her on a magical journey.
  14. A modern-day alchemist seeking the elixir of immortality.
  15. A street performer with the gift of telekinesis.
  16. A paranormal investigator exploring haunted locations.
  17. A nomadic storyteller with the power to bring myths to life.
  18. A shadowy vigilante who fights crime in the city’s underworld.
  19. A cursed artist whose paintings bring their worst fears to reality.
  20. A celestial diplomat sent to broker peace between warring realms.

These compelling character prompts offer a myriad of possibilities for captivating stories and intriguing character arcs. Let your imagination soar and create unforgettable characters and worlds with these starting points!

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Wrapping Up

OC prompts are an invaluable tool for writers. They can help you create unique and interesting characters that will captivate your readers. So, the next time you’re struggling with a creative block, try using some OC prompts. You might be surprised at the amazing characters you can create!

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Remember, the only limit is your imagination. Happy writing!

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